Friday | 2.23.2018
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Website offers answers to most frequently asked questions about the provisions as well as purchasing strategies.
Sales leaders, like football coaches whose teams are behind at the start of the fourth quarter, must retool if they want to win the sales revenue game.
Here are five steps that can help someone be proactive, instead of reactive, and to be passionate about new possibilities, while making sure they are never without a job.
To successfully sell building products, people need to learn the science behind the sale.
The process involves "saturating" a direct mail message within a localized area and reaching the majority of households and/or businesses. 
Push-Leads are the leads sales people actually want, appreciate, and can be held accountable to.
There are ways to establish a business with limited resources even by the end of this year.
How to systematically make inroads with prospective customers and secure the sale.
Focus on how to provide value to the customer by answering the age-old question: WIIFM (What's In It For Me)? 
Finding niches that set a new company apart and capitalizing on them
Adopt an overall startup approach designed to take advantage of today's low-startup-cost climate.
Tax preparation, consulting and advisory services and service sector cited as most appealing.
Leaders taking the time to explore who they are and what they can do in a vastly different environment.
Four plans to reduce healthcare insurance for college students analyzed.
Previous energy models failing to take into account recent changes, economist says.


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